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Zeta offline judge

Zeta 🐉 is an offline judge for programming contests 🏆.
Githup link :

💂 Features

  • Contestants auto ranking.
  • Can add clarifications for problems.
  • Auto judging for c/c++ solutions (java comming soon).

🚩 Judging and Ranking

📌 Judging

after judging a problem the contestant can get one of 4 responses :-


Alt text

green judge mean it is recommended to use this type of judging for this submmition

  • Automatic 🆚 Manual Judging
    • Automatic judging It will run the contestant solution and compare it with the testcases given to that problem and respond to that user submition .
    • Manual Judging Adding the response manually to this submition because Sometimes users didn't follow the rules of the contest and read or write from i/o Stream Not File.

🚖 Ranking

  • Submition rank Submition are ranked according to time and problem rank so the ranking equation is :-
                                                     Tstart - Tsub
       submition_rank =   problem_rank    -    _________________________    -    (    wrongAnswerCount   *   5    )

       Minimum Submmition Rank is = 40% Of problem rank
  • User rank

    • Users are ranked according to the highest sum of the ACCEPTED problems rank.
    • Scoreboard Time is the time of the user last submition.

    Alt text

    Time is the Time of the user last Submmition

🚀 PreRequirements

🔥 Installation

  • Download the Repo git clone or via the download button.
  • Import the database file in the Database/zeta_4.sql to phpmyadmin.
  • Go to app/Config/database.php and update username and password to your credential
  • Download Mingw compiler and copy it to your Zeta path.
  • Now Goto http://localhost/Zeta and user username : ahmedkhaled, password : ahmedkhaled123 to login (this is the default admin account you can use it to add other admins and contestant then delete it later)

Before starting a contest you should go to Settings and set the starting time of the contest this time is used to ranks problems and contestant in the scoreboard

🚧 Contribution

Compilation and Running is based on this package (DORM) so feel free to have a look.

If you find any problem feel free to open issues with any error you find or features you think we can add to Zeta, if you have any problem while you are installing zeta please feel free to contact me at

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