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Slack Status Setter🔮

aaahmedaa profile image Ahmed Khaled MOhamed ・1 min read

You can find the repo on SlackSS

Slack Status Setter (SSS) 🤖

It will update your slack status according to your actual presence in front of your camera every 10 minutes Follow the Docs to customize this project

Thanks to face detector on this repo : Face-Detection-JavaScript

Installation 👀

  1. open and under Legacy information you can find your token.
  2. open script.js and replace <API_TOKEN> with your slack legacy token.

  3. default time interval for updating slack status is 10 minuts if you want to change that you can change the value of time_fraction in script.js file.

  4. open this app in your browser and every 10 minuts it will update your slack status according to your current presence.

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