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Discussion on: Do you have any "smart home" projects in the works or in mind?

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Andreas Reiterer

When my new apartment is finished, I plan to work on my personal smart home project.
We will have a KNX bus and I'll set up the smart home server on my own. Here's the things that I plan to do - as long as I can really find the time for it 🙃


Each light switch has a built in temperature sensor, so the floor heating will consistently keep the desired room temperature without the need of fiddling around with the valves 😀

Window Blinds

I'm not sure how I might do this - there are several possibilities:

  • Winter: Window blinds are controlled by sunset/sunrise to get some sunshine in it and benefit a bit from the warmth of the sunlight.
  • Summer: Window blinds controlled by the angle of the sun, so they follow the sun and adjust themselves in a way to prevent the sun shining directly into the apartment. I guess we could keep the temperature down a bit with that solution.

Hi Fi

This will be left out in the beginning - I'm thinking of a Sonos wireless system for livingroom/kitchen and my office room but that's for later 😉


We forgot to connect the doorbell to the KNX bus, so either I find a solution to connect it otherwise, or this will be left out.

Telegram Bot

I want to experiment a bit with creating a telegram chat bot. It should be able to do some basic tasks like switching on/off lights or open/close the window blinds for the beginning. It might be cool if the doorbell would be connected, that it sends me a notification if someone rings the bell.

That's all for now, but I'm always looking for new ideas.