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How to Attract and Onboard Hosts on Your Airbnb-like Website

If you intend to create a thriving Airbnb-like platform, it is essential to foster a friendly and supportive community of hosts. The community of hosts is the lifeblood of any Airbnb-like website.

How to bring their first guests and fill in the calendar with bookings? Are you struggling with attracting and delivering first-time guests or trying to create a supportive community for your vibrant hosts? No need to worry! In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about building hosts attractions and bring millions of visitors to your platform and develop a friendly community.

After all, a safe and inspirational environment will make your host feel comfortable and appreciated. Because you represent your potential provider market, the more services they can offer, the more popular and demanded you are to consumers.

How to Build a Solid Foundation of Trust and Respect

One of the main aspects of every sharing economy platform is trust. As hosts allow random people into their homes, they must ensure that their personal information, pack, and payment card data are private. You just have to make sure that you take the safest paths in terms of host authentication, payment security, and privacy privacy. Certification and proof of security create a high-quality indicator. By obtaining these, you can prove yourself to be a responsible platform.

Offer a Fair and Transparent Reward System

You can please your providers by offering a higher percentage of commission or other stand out benefits. Therefore, the first step is to let you know what your competitor has.

Hosting is a scary journey that comes with several questions and uncertainties. An approach that avails the right consistent, and immediate support will help the hosts answer any difficulties. Host various support options available that entail using a live chat to answer pressing questions, phone support, and developing different types of educational resources, such as video tutorials, downloadable guides, and online courses. The materials should cover subjects on local regulations and day-to-day property management. Consider hosting workshops at corporate offices to bring in experts. For various support choices, a host is more likely to flourish and form a bond with your community in your platform.

Creating a Seamless Onboarding Experience

A positive onboarding process sets the tone of the rest of the hosts’ relationship with you. An easy-to-follow templates and a simple process enable hosts to list their properties and finish their profiles quicker. An automatic schedules feature should be implemented to save time and ensure hosts avoid scheduling conflicts. Always seek input from hosts to support the process. Strong and well-structured onboarding experience assures hosts they’re with and support them every step of the way.

Offering Generous Incentives

These are better ways of ensuring you’re ahead against your competition and that many hosts choose your platform. Start with sign-up bonuses, referral bonuses, and season-based campaigns. Use powerful ads to show them what the incentives mean and how they can benefit from them. Achievable rewards help to engage hosts and explain why they should select you. Regularly monitor and improve your incentives to guarantee they stay appealing and better aligned with hosts’ goals.

Marketing and Promotion

Since you’re not just running any other platform, create a brand around its reputation and attractiveness to hosts. This could involve creating engaging posts on social media, establishing relationships with influencers and bloggers, launching a captivating website with informative blogs about what your platform offers, and providing case studies of hosts who have succeeded on your platform. With marketing, you pass across the message of the values and benefits your platform offers, so your hosts not only work with you but aspire for your vision.

Marketing will save you time and reap fast benefits in hosting your platform.

Building a Thriving Community

This above point not only markets your platform to future hosts/sellers but also creates a community that will help run your business. You can conduct events or workshops, online community forums where sellers can engage, and grant awards for high performing hosts, creating a competitive yet supportive business environment. A community will strengthen the bond of the sellers and promote harmony necessary for your business to run smoothly. When sellers feel accepted in a community, they will become more actively involved in your business.

Hosts Flexibility

Allow the sellers to maneuver their listings, pricing, booking options, house rules, and anything that can be customized. This allows them to feel the sense of ownership and distinguish themselves from the rest of the hosts.


At the end of the day, one of the most important aspects of a successful hosting platform is the network of relationships with your hosts. Whether you want to generate ideas for improvement, receive feedback on your performance, or adjust your trajectory based on their preferences, you can do anything by just being kind and candid with them. Your platform develops and transitions from something subpar into something good using their ideas, which is exactly why their help is so crucial. In conclusion, the hosting industry is entirely about the trustworthiness of the connection you have with your hosts. Respect between two sides, trust from each side, and genuine confidence. The better these factors, the better the overall outcomes for both of these participating sides.

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