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Discussion on: Interviewing Engineers, Patterns and Common Behaviors

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Ahsan Ashraf

I know a dev who is nothing short of brilliant. However he performs very poorly on whiteboard questions. These failures do not reflect his aptitude or capability. As such he gets disqualified and that sux for him. So he continues to Avoid the white board

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Lorenzo Pasqualis Author

Very interesting, thank you for your comment. Even if I don't personally experience that problem, it makes sense that some people would.

Assuming that some technical question needs to be asked and that some of them require writing things down, do you know what method he would prefer?

I do a take-home programming exercise before the normal interview. However, questions that come up during the interview loop often require writing things down.

Would it be better using a computer with a text editor and a projector? Or perhaps just a piece of paper and a pen? Or?

I have been on a mission to improve the standard of interviews in tech, and I recognize the whiteboard as a problem that penalizes some candidates unjustly, so I am trying to figure out a good way to eliminate the problem but still get what I need from an interview.

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Have 2 white boarding problems:

First one with a sample white board solution requiring the interviewee to put together another solution/way to solve the problem via whiteboard. Or just start the person off [helps sets the expectation]

Second problem: No whiteboard sample provided.

Once solutions are outlined, with either 1 or 2, you can introduce a change (like one would face at work, invoking a re-design). This will allow you to see of how candidate thinks about alternatives - if at all.