Discussion on: Will PHP save your startup?

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vlad ko

Neither language is going to "save" or "kill" your start-up.

When you take an inherently flawed blog post and then try to make some argument on top of those false premises, what you say only makes sense in the context of these articles.

Your conclusion is fine, but it doesn't mirror reality. Vast majority of startups are going with LAMP or MEAN stacks.
All you have to do is take a look at the statistics on SO.

This debate is a perfect example of premature optimization. We don't know what it is we are building, but let's spend two hours arguing about it.

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Peter Aba Author

If this post ever helped a very small minority think a little bit harder about this topic before hiring a LAMP or MEAN team for their next project, I'd consider that a huge success. Chances are, I'll never know.