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🧳 gobundle: quickly update or install your Go tools

What it does

gobundle makes your Go tools portable and allows you to keep them up to date. It uses a simple JSON configuration file. If executed without any flags gobundle tries to install the specified tools in your ~/.gobundle configuration.

You can also "dump" your existing, installed Go tools with gobundle -d.

Why I created it

I use gobundle to keep the following tools up to date:

In my .gobundle I use "lastest" as version. If you run gobundle it runs go get host.tld/project/name@version. Using "master" or any other SemVer tag is also possible to pin a tool to a specific version.

Other use cases

You can also use gobundle to define your basic Go toolset. If you have a new computer or updated your Go installation, just run gobundle again to reinstall your tools using the latest Go version.

Give it a try

Give it a star on GitHub:

To install run:

GO111MODULE=on go get

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