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Let's take a break and discuss how developers spend the vacations?

_shahroznawaz profile image Shahroz Nawaz ・1 min read

As we all know that long vacations are just around the corner. Let's discuss what plans do you have for spending this time. Are you still thinking to play with codes or spot the places to visit this vacations? :D


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Same as the rest of my free time: I play video games and watch TV shows all day before complaining that I lack time to work on my side projects 😁


Games are the real distraction for developers :D


Hmmm... working on side projects 😁


Yeah Dev has become a fabulous community :) What about you Ben? How will you spend holidays?

I’ll be spending my winter holidays around family and friends while mostly reading books so I don’t need to talk to them that much. πŸ˜„


Seems like dev.to has many cousins who are born this way πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

You know what I'm gonna open a topic about those stuff... let's see the community's holidays born projects πŸ˜†


Great, So which side project you have planned this vacation?


They're never planned... they pop out of my mind at any second with eye glances thinking this is gonna change the world.

Eventually, they get into the to-be-done-in-the-afterlife πŸ˜‚


I go to work to let the people with kids and close, big families spend time with them. Our only mandatory days off are Dec 25th and Jan 1st, so I don't want to take all that PTO just to sit at home reading dev.to when there's going to be no work so I'll be reading dev.to in the office.

Which works until we have expectations to complete .4x the amount of work as normal when functionally there's only 1 QA in the office and 2 devs WFH the whole sprint. And those devs aren't the same the whole time, so it ends up being mostly people half finishing work then passing it on to someone else while I'm waiting for something to test.


I'm 35 now, work as a lead software developer. I starting doing computer stuff(image/video editting/FX, networking and front/backend/hardware programming) from when I was 14. I spend most of my evenings and weekends writing or reading about code for as long as I can remember. As a kid I loved to play with crayons or set up armies of GI-joe figurines or read comics, visit the library. Cozy "me" time has always been very important. Now and then I go on holiday for a weekend to see friends abroad or rent a boat with friends to go out for a week of trailertrash booze pirating and sometimes I go with my girlfriend to see a foreign city. My girlfriend just had 2 weeks off chilling.
In a few days I start my 3 weeks holiday, and I'm planning to do what I have been doing whole my life: Feeding my urges to play, read and to create. I bought a book about Algorithms and one about Category theory, which I want to work through. There is also a game-engine which I want to try out.
So yeah.. that is how I just go through life and holidays :D
I wish you all a creative and fulfilling holiday!


I used to play video games and when I'm bored of that write code for some side projects.

However now that I've got a wife and a toddler, I'll celebrate christmas and hang out with my inlaws like any other boring family does. πŸ˜πŸ‘


you are going to spend typical vacations. well you can go out with them 😊


I always take vacations in Christmas so I always spend it with my family, eating, receiving and giving gifts and just having lots of fun with them. To me Christmas is the most important time of the year because I always have a lot of fun and I hope this year is the same!!



Great, family comes first. You will have again a quality time with them.


The only thing that i do in vacations is travel.


So, where are you going on this vacation? any spots decided?


I travel multiple times at year. (I did it 5 or 6 times this year) I'm constantly looking for cheap tickets. I'll spend Christmas and new year in Chile and in may I want to go to Cuba, sadly the tickets are expensive :'(


This year, I'm taking two weeks. The first one, I'm going to be in Mexico! The second, I will be at my parents' house in New Hampshire!


Great, That will be the quality time with parents :)


I don't take vacations, I don't need those. I got plenty of work to do like finishing some cool new stuff for twist.moe, finish some animes and netflix shows that I have started but couldn't finish and yea that's all I guess.


Well, I have exams on January, so I guess I'm going to be having tons of funs studying (/s) :D


Got married this year, took 3 weeks off for honeymoon. No vacation left :(


Vacations? What's that? πŸ˜† Well when I have some available time I waste it watching YouTube videos of MUA or doramas


Which doramas you like most btw? :p


My favorites until now are It's ok that's love and About time


I have today and Tuesday off work... and I'm working on my PHP search client library.


wow, where you will integrate that?


The concept is essentially for a consistent interface to numerous search services, similar to an ORM, by using swappable drivers. Currently working on the reference driver (Elasticsearch), but once that's done I'll start adding drivers for other search services, probably Algolia and Solr, and maybe TNTSearch too, as well as a null driver for testing. Also have in mind a couple of decorators for caching and logging.

Whether it'll ever see the light of day, or I'll use it on a personal project, I don't know, but I wanted to learn Elasticsearch anyway so it's a good way to force myself to pick that up.


24 just made it's way to Hulu, and my wife and I are planning on binge watching as much of it as we can!


Binge? Is it a TV show or movie?


Catch up on reading, build/paint/play Warhammer 40k, extra time with kiddos, smattering of video games, find a quiet room and think about nothing.


This line "find a quiet room and think about nothing." haha, How would you do that? :p


It has always been a dream of mine to have a soundproof room in my house with only a really comfy recliner in it.

As for thinking about nothing -- my wife says it is a superpower of mine. Haha.


...the hell's a vacation?

I'll probably just play Destiny 2 and eat a good meal with my close friends. Nothing fancy.


If I'm spending time with my folks I find I trade tech support for pie and cinnamon rolls. Honestly, it's pretty great :)


I am going to be spending a whole bunch of time with my family, largely away from the internet.

It's gonna be pretty good.


Im gonna cry and eat my feelings mostly.