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re: What are the latest things in CI/CD that catch your eyes, where are folks going with this?

Hey Ben,

The Best thing about CI/CD is you can reduce errors during deployments and integrations. I'm a big fan of CI and regularly work with Travis, Deployer, Envoyer etc tools. The main thing in CI/CD is pipelines. They must be more comprehensive to assure the changes won't introduce unforeseen side effects into your production deployment.

There are many advanced CI/CD tools as well as SaaS services available, with more cropping up all over the web. It’s become easier than ever to integrate your development, testing and deployment workflows with any popular, capable CI/CD tools, and reap its rewards. With tools like Kubernetes, it becomes, even more, easier to deploy CI/CD tools on top of Kubernetes, and have a part of your underlying production infrastructure also running your integration and deployment pipelines.

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