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re: 21 VSCode Shortcuts to Make Coding Faster and More Fun VIEW POST


Am I crazy or are a lot of the Mac commands supposed to be command not control?

Otherwise, good article! There were a couple here I haven't used yet, more shortcuts are always welcome.


Haven't tried most of these, but I would assume is ctrl, lots of people remap Caps to Ctrl on mac.

I for one do because I use vim and most shortcuts are also with ctrl, not cmd.


Yea, I was thinking the same thing! Have all mine on cmd


Not only that, but in my experience the Home and End keys don't typically work the way they're supposed to, or not at all, on my Mac.

So for shortcuts mentioned like "11. Select Everything to the Left/Right", I actually use the combo: CMD + Shift + Left/Right Arrow. Similarly with "16. Move to Beginning/End of File", it'd be CMD + Up/Down Arrow.

Looks like the only one that makes use of the CTRL key on Mac would be "14. Select In Words".

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