Discussion on: Describe the worst coding culture you've been a part of

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I worked as a contractor in a bank for a big Belarusian consulting company in the US, most of the people are from eastern Europe and the come from a different way of work, they're so cold, rude (smile the customer, angry face coworkers) and don't trust in general.

Every pull request the leaders reject it for everybody because they want you to do it in the way it's the best for them, they think the best it's control everything like code an people (imagine small changes take a lot of time).

I got to see once a comrade was told "WT .... F" (I was: for real! ??) in his pull request, but there were no consequences because they cover between Russians.
Normally they spoke all the time in Russian and not English and if you say something about a better way to do it they often told you that what you proposing it's trash.
Once I had a conflict for functional programming and I was rejected by the PR because they did not understand the code.

Finally, I had to move a different project (I'd started to suffer depression) in the middle of this process I contact HR about this (but was the same kind of people) I was told that if I got a problem just call a help number and the psychologist is covered by the insurance.

In the end, I just moved forward from this and was the best decision ever!