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A dev on UX

So I've been working with IntelliJ (sadly on Windows) and I've got so angry when once more shifting focus made me mess up code and build to fail in 3 seconds window.

What happens is that I click Run for Spring Boot application while having my Terminal in Intellij opened. For some reason it takes about 3 seconds to start the process and meanwhile I'm writing some commands like "git add ." where my lovely tool switches focus to some file, so I'm typing "git ad" to console and "d ." into code and Intellij switches to tab Run/Debug then to Build and shows crash log because my file contains "d ." in middle of the code.

Now I instantly reported this as a bug on their tracker because it reeeeeeeeaaaaally pi*e* me of. And they are quite good compared to others. Imagine starting installer, putting it into background, writing code and stuff, refactoring things in code with famous Ctrl + F6 and all of a sudden instead of hitting Enter/Return on "Rename" you hit it on installer window asking you to accept all for installing McAfee, toolbar for your non existing IE, some stuff from 95, spyware for government, cookies for your grandmother, child support for other peoples kids and so on.

Really? A lot of installers wont do this but why is it even possible to make such app that steals focus? Have people not been multitasking lately with 11293810 core leaving stuff to run in the background instead of "You must wait until other installers finish!" message from half-core CPU times??

Who thought every software is so special and important that they need to blast you as a pop-up before Opera or before ad-blockers on other browsers? Why oh why would anyone do this? Blinking light in the taskbar or notification popups in specific corner are not good enough for snoflware software so OS just allows it to torture me?

Dear UI/UX people please talk with other people that will actually use software, see their experience, stop assuming your building most important thing and just make everything so important that it steals your focus.

Now a lot of things are amazing, great, and surprise me how well are they done and thought through when it comes to UX but some of the stuff make me write these kinds of posts.

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