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Comet, Diamond sponsor of ReactEurope 2018

Comet, Diamond sponsor of ReactEurope 2018

The French start-up is the main sponsor of the annual conference ReactEurope, taking place at Espace Charenton in the 12th district of Paris, from the 15th to the 18th of May, 2018.

Four days in Tech immersion

The web platform that connects tech and data freelance engineers to big companies’ projects, supports this event during 48 hours of workshops followed by two days of conference on Javascript applications, mobile app writing with React Native or CSS best practices. Gathering an involved and committed community of more than 1.500 freelance developers and data scientists, comet positions itself as the leader on the market of independent engineers accompaniment.

Reinventing the way tech and data engineers work

Targeted partnerships allowed the members of the comet community to adopt a way of life combining work and passion: freedom and flexibility of freelancing, without losing any financial and social stability that are often associated to it.
Shine - administrative banking and management for micro-entrepreneurs -, Wemind - health cover and housing guaranty - or Novaa Expertise - accounting - built along with comet a new standard of freelancing that preserves the advantages of employment.

From the Tech Meetup to the Tech Conference

Following the success of the “Tech Meetups”, events dedicated to technologies and tech languages organised as part of its community, the startup came across the need for evangelising this new style of working at the level of an international conference, that will gather this year more than 1.000 attendees and aspiring freelancers around forty speakers. This initiative makes even more sense that remote work advocated by comet became a the lifestyle of the vast majority of European tech and data engineers.

About comet

Founded in June 2016, comet is a web platform that connects the best tech and data freelancers to the most ambitious projects in less than 48 hours. Today, comet gathers a community of 1.500 talented independent workers operating on missions dropped by tech clients (Deezer, Criteo, ManoMano) and large companies (Engie, LVMH, Renault).
The start-up has developed its own technologies:

  • A matching algorithm that ensures to find the best expert for all types of tech and data missions
  • A web platform to pilot the freelancers management from start to finish
  • An internal qualification program to ensure of the high level of abilities in the community The team consists of more than thirty employees determined to reinvent the way companies and freelancers work together. In September 2017, comet raised a first amount of €2M with prestigious investors: Otium Capital and Kima Ventures, Xavier Niel’s investment fund.

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