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I don't ask candidates why they want to work for us, but I do ask them what got them interested in the role. If the answer is "I need a job", then that's not a good enough answer. I'm trying to get an understanding for their passion in terms of the tech stack, and why they are specifically drawn to it.

If they aren't passionate about the tech stack and building on their skills, they won't work out. We're not doing anything groundbreaking or technically disruptive, but we do want to continually improve for the benefit of our customers.


I could not agree more. I couldn't have expressed this any better than you have Gary! Thanks for sharing your insights :-)


IMO, this is a much better question. It gives room for different profiles, and the answers should be very informative.


That's a good point Dave. Thanks for sharing your view points. Something for me and others out there to think about rephrasing this question. That's why I love this blog medium. Great platform to learn from others. Thanks again!

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