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Github Copilot: My experience

I've used it in Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code for a while.

The inline suggestion works but is a bit slow for me, so I usually accept the suggestions from IntelliSense rather than the CoPilot.

Using the CoPilot window is also slow but more helpful because I can navigate between the suggestions and choose the one closest to what I want.

The CoPilot chat is by far the best because the UI for the developer is much more friendly, so I used to ask questions based on selected files and get custom responses.

However, whatever interface you choose, it always provides straightforward answers. When I say custom responses, it basically provides a code example using your variable names, which is cool, but just it.

In general, I'm using it for basic stuff, like creating basic unit tests, methods, and components, helping to map classes quickly, but nothing more profound than that.

I may need to learn more about the tool to extract 100% from their power, but In my opinion, it is not as helpful as I expected.
Please, Don't misunderstand me; it is nice and cool, but I expected more.

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