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So you complain about the installation and maintenance of macOS. You now that macOS is intended to be installed on Apple machines. I think it's rather uncool to compare your experience with OSes that have a "natural way" to be installed on a HP computer with macOS that has to be "frankensteined" on this machine.

I would be interested in an unbiased experience report, say compared with a similar Apple MacBook Pro.

And yes, for the record, I have an Apple computer as a main dev machine, but also worked with Linux and Windows. I have my preferences for all of those OSes, but in different fields of application.


I used mac os with macbook before but I liked to mention it with HP laptop just to clearify that mac is stable wherever the hardware is compatible, even I heard some had issues with it with some macbooks. I tend also not to update it regulary so it could be that I guess.

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