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Looking for good material on serverless architecture

_c16n_ profile image Christin Westermann ・1 min read

Hi everyone,

I am looking for good material on serverless architecture, like books, articles, videos, webinars, etc.

Also I am thinking of writing my master thesis about this topic and I would especially want to know if there is any documentation or book or article on a "real-world" application that uses for example AWS Lambda.

Questions that I have are, for example:

  • By using Functions as a Service, like AWS Lambda, how do you organize all the functions you end up with?
  • With how many functions will you end up? And is a big amount of functions maintainable?
  • Can you have transactions that go beyond one function?

I couldn't really find much about that, yet. Everything I found only deals with the architecture in general, like a high level view or with a very tiny example application which only uses one function.

I'd really appreciate your help :-)


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Ben Halpern

Have you tapped into the podcast universe yet? That's usually where I go when I'm looking to dive into a subject. Check out

_c16n_ profile image
Christin Westermann Author

No I haven't :) thanks for the hint!

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Ben Halpern

Yeah, the Software Engineering Daily episodes on the topic are really helpful.

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Jess Lee (she/her)

A bit late here but wanted to share this one:

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Veni Kunche

Maybe this will help: I stumbled on to it when I was looking into it a few weeks back.