Walking in unfamiliar shoes: Ruby feels weird to me.

Frederik 👨‍💻➡️🌐 Creemers on March 22, 2017

Cover image credit: Chris Evans I've been using Python for years, but I recently wrote my first bit of ruby. There are many things that felt wei... [Read Full]
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I get what you are saying here, but in the inverse.

I'm a long time Rubyist and every time I look at python code with all the "missing" end keywords, I get this feeling like I am looking at code with no pants on.


Although re-opening classes is allowed, it's mostly avoided and probably considered bad form. That's the thing with Ruby, you can "do anything" (like access private methods with send), but not that you should.


Ruby seems almost counter intuitive to me. Also coming from a Python background, it seems like using your left had when you've been right handed all your life.


As another Python person interested in Ruby, may I ask: what got you curious about learning Ruby? Do you plan to build web apps with it, or want to learn more about OO?


Someone asked me to help out on a Ruby project. Also, there are several open source projects out there that I'd love to contribute to, but they're rails, so maybe I'll get myself to learn rails some day, but Django works well enough for what I want to do.

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