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I never knew about the d/Deaf thing. Is there similar terminology for people with visual impairments? I have quite a severe visual impairment, but people often think about impairments in a binary way rather than a spectrum.

I'm also going to put a shameless plug in here for my post on how to make your site accessible to people who use screen magnifiers


I haven't seen anything equivalent for visual impairments. It's my understanding that sign language(s) and schooling separation were big drivers of Deaf culture, and I'm not aware of anything similar happening on the visual side. I'm not a part of either community though, so it's definitely something that could use more research.

I've actually read your magnifier post! I'm just terrible at reacting/commenting, but will remedy that right away. I found it really interesting because my dad uses the magnifier heavily so troubleshooting with him is always an adventure. I've also shared it out to my company internally - I really don't want us to focus on accessibility == screen readers and leave everything else by the wayside. Your article is an amazing resource!

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