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Awesome, as a fellow GIS developer, this makes me happy.


This'll be a huge learning experience for me. The company only just started. The founder has a background in geographical models, but relatively little IT experience. Together with another person I've known for quite a while, I'll help build (mostly web) applications around the models he makes. Apart from toying with PostGIS, I have very little GIS programming experience, so there's a lot to learn.

I've been GIS & Developer for more than 15 years.
My experience with this field is not that good.
I always see either GIS experts who are not very strong programmers, and who know very little about best practices in programming and building large enterprise level applications.
Or I hang out with developers who follow all good practices and all new tech, but know nothing about GIS.
In my careers, I only see very few who combine both.
At my current job, lots of developers, and we want GIS, but they know very little about GIS.

Well, I hope that with StraTopo, we can combine our skills to bridge that gap.




congratulations! Please write a blog here about your journey!

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