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Nice site! But I tried it on my iPhone, and I couldn't find a way to make the text on your robotics projects visible. On desktop, it becomes visible when you hover over them.

I alsoo used your site using VoiceOver, a screen reader on the iPhone, and encountered a number of accessibility issues. The most important one is giving your images alt attributes. I think most of the images on your site should have them empty (as in alt=""), because the content of the image is described in text on the site already. Without an alt-attribute, a screen reader will read the name of the image file.

For other accessibility tips, I recommend you open your site in Chrome, open Chrome's dev tools and click "audits". If you then run an audit and leave "accessibility" tips, you'll get an overview of the accessibility issues on your site. Overview of accessibility audit


Thank you so much. I've added alt to images.

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