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B2B E-Commerce Trends That Will Share the Industry in 2021

The topic of COVID-19 affected the economy of many countries, and this, of course, had its consequences. In this situation, most customers have massively moved to online stores, and the e-commerce market has become a paradise for many people and entrepreneurs due to its format.

According to a McKinsey study in the US, more than 75% of consumers have changed their preferences for the brands they buy. This is due to the following reasons:

Product availability for consumers;
Easy to buy;
Purchase security.

Analyzing this, we can say that the pandemic has accelerated the process of changing consumer behavior and now e-commerce is expected to grow by 265% in 2021. The "Exceed Team" team has collected for you the most current trends in the development of the digital commerce market in the B2B system and a number of other interaction schemes. I propose to consider some of them.

General trends in the development of B2B e-commerce

  1. Transition to digital sales;
  2. The variety of purchases will depend on the availability of customer channels;
  3. Large commodity producers will create their own trading platforms;
  4. The emergence of new payment systems;
  5. The leadership of Western e-commerce is no longer relevant;
  6. Transparency;
  7. Personalization.

Our team understands how important it is for a brand to find its niche and create a unique application to increase efficiency and increase the profit of your company.
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