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Evolution of Quality Attributes in Agile Software Development

Title: Evolution of Quality Attributes in Agile Software DevelopmentAgile software development has undergone significant changes since its inception. Along with this, the quality attributes that have become key in the development process have also evolved. Let's explore the changes that have occurred in this area.Flexibility: One of the initial qualities of agile development was flexibility. Teams could quickly adapt to changing customer and market requirements, reducing time to market and increasing product competitiveness.Transparency: As agile methodologies evolved, it became clear that transparency is a key factor in successful collaboration within the team and with the customer. Transparency in reporting, processes, and communication helps avoid misunderstandings and conflicts.Quality: Initially, the focus was on speed of development and flexibility, but over time, the understanding of quality became deeper. Quality is not limited to just the functionality of the product but also includes development processes, testing, and change management.Value: It's important not only to develop the product quickly but also to provide maximum value to the customer. This means focusing on key features and customer needs, as well as continuously gathering feedback to improve the product.Resilience: As projects become more complex, resilience has become an important characteristic. Agile development teams must be able to adapt to unexpected changes while maintaining functionality and product quality.Innovation: Agile methodologies stimulate innovation. Teams are encouraged to experiment, test new ideas, and explore new technologies to create unique and competitive products.Collaboration: Finally, collaboration as a quality has become even more important in agile development. Effective interaction between team members, as well as with the customer and stakeholders, plays a key role in achieving success.In conclusion, the evolution of quality attributes in agile development has demonstrated a transition from emphasis on speed and flexibility to a deeper understanding of value, quality, resilience, and innovation. Collaboration and transparency remain fundamental to successful team work.

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