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Avoid boilerplate setup code with Pemplates

Oleksandr Demian
Software Developer from monday to friday, game developer in free time (Unity 3D, Web)
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There is a lot of technologies to choose from when you start developing something, and all of them need some initial setup. Usually this setup is repetitive, and nowadays there is a word for it: boilerplate.

There is a lot of developers trying to simplify the setup by creating a templates repositories, but it takes some time to find what you need.

That why I decided to create Pemplates: a simple search engine for projects templates. You just put keywords you need (ex: vue typescript) and it shows you all the repositories on github for those keywords meant to be used as starter kit/project template.

This project is completely opensource (you can find it's code on Github) and I just made it this morning. At the moment it will be hosted on netlify's random url, but I will move it to a custom domain as soon as I can.

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