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A TL;DR SEO Cheat Sheet for Developers

dahfab profile image Fabian Dahlke twitter logo ・1 min read

Hi there!

Since I had a little bit of downtime at my company I sat down to create a technical SEO cheat sheet [1] with all the latest best practices in the On-Page SEO world.

I always wanted to have some kind of reference I can go to and easily find what I was looking for in that specific situation. I hope that this tool comes a little bit closer to that goal and can help a lot of people in navigating the complex SEO universe.

And in a truly TL;DR fashion, I will keep this post short too and instead point you in the right direction: SEO Cheat Sheet [1]

Oh, and I hope you like our little astronaut and the corresponding wallpapers as well :)

For any questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to contact me.


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