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Google, Apple and Other Users of Vue.js

93lucasp profile image Luca Spezzano ・1 min read

A few days ago I landed on the Google career website, my attention was caught by an icon of my chrome extensions, the one of Vue.js, it was active.
This means that Google uses Vue.js. That surprised me a lot. Indeed in the last years, the interest in Vue.js increased significantly, but I didn't expect that a company like Google has already started to use it.

Vue.js is one of the hottest JavaScript Framework at this moment, to know more about Vue.js read the official documentation here.

What is The Most Loved Web Framework?
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Who can answer better than Stackoverflow (the biggest community of developers)? This survey of 2019 by Stackoverflow shows that React.js and Vue.js are both the most loved and most wanted web frameworks by developers.

To know the 10 big companies that have trusted Vue.js continue to read the article on Medium https://medium.com/notonlycss/google-apple-and-other-users-of-vue-js-e4505359e5d5


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Marcelo Luiz Onhate

I didn't even continued reading it when I saw the link to medium

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Luca Spezzano Author

That's totally fine, you can choose what to read or not ;)

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Alejandro Gallego

A great framework, easy to use and learn.