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Run java in windows 10

Windows 10 was the last version developed by Microsoft as part of the Windows NT.5 family, the company released it in 2014 and released it publicly in July 2015, the only difference being that Microsoft offers this app for free users with original copies of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 updates. . Windows 10 is a complete version of the entire Microsoft product family such as: laptops, tablets, smartphones, Xbox One, among others. This is because of its almost identical code that allows it to have such consistency.

Windows 10 has an interface dedicated to each of the tools the company has, directed at one mouse and another to touch devices. The two integrations have an original menu that is exactly the same as Windows 7, in addition, the desktop operating system, the Microsoft Edge browser and functionality are included, among other new and updated applications. Another innovation is that when you sign in you can be fingerprint or face recognition, also known as Windows Hello.

This app has received high praise from experts in the field, thanks to the development of Windows 10 advertising software over 8.1, Xbox Live integration, as well as Cortana's performance and capabilities as well as changes to Internet Explorer by Microsoft.

One of the most important things is that the menu is built from scratch ´, with a series of apps and options that allow the user to resize and expand the entire screen, this option prefers touch devices.

In addition, a new virtual desktop called Task View has been used. Clicking this button from the task bar or swipe to the left of the screen shows all open windows and allows users to switch between them or switch between multiple work spaces.

Open Java control panel from Windows ten management Panel
Step 1

For this methodology we have to open the electrical device and within the "View by" field we have a tendency to set "small icons"

Step 2

Then we tend to click on the "Java" line to open its electrical device

Open Java control panel from CMD Windows 10
We access the command prompt console and there we have a tendency to execute. Pressing Enter can open the control board.

Open Java control panel from Power Shell Windows 10
The modern Power Shell console is another choice to access this Java panel, for this we have a tendency to open Power Shell and run. Pressing Enter can open the Java control panel.

Step 1

To open Run it's possible:

Step 2

In Execute we tend to enter. we tend to click okay to visit the Java Panel.

Open Java electrical device from Windows ten Finder

Step 1

We visit the beginning computer program and enter "configure", choose "Configure Java"

Step 2

We click and also the panel can open

With these choices you've got the simplest alternatives to access the Java control panel in Windows ten.

Hope it will help.

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