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First ever hackaton

I always wanted to be part of a hackaton, and recently gave myself the opportunity, was so much fun, but since it took me so much I was pretty much the one teaching and guiding my team (2 more devs that touched react for their first time)

Once again I can confirm that I really like teaching, so kind of aiming for a devrel role as of late, anyhow!

It's a little app that fetches motivational quotes from chatgpt API & images from unsplash, once the quote is loaded you can change the image by selecting the ones in the bottom.

Already got a bunch of... pretty direct feedback from the hackaton host, so what you see now will change a lot~

image selector
Deploy link:


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Pavel M

How did you find a hackaton to join? I'm thinking about joining one for the first time in my life

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Just join several programming discord channels, you are abound to find one that way, since the ones that make a big fuss are not that beginner friendly