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WEBINAR: Time Tips & Tricks for Development Teams

Are you making these big mistakes when it comes to time spent on projects?

Let's talk about a controversial statement - developers are right to hate time tracking. It's turned into a crutch for bad management and a total time suck. That being said, tracking development time has a lot of benefits for teams and developers alike. There needs to be a middle ground, but what is it, and how do we find it?

We answered these questions:

  • What are the 'red flags' that shows you are doing time tracking for the wrong reasons?
  • What are the benefits of time tracking for a dev team?
  • What is pace, and why should your team be using it?
  • How can you implement time tracking the right way?

You can find the webinar here: Time Tips & Tricks for Development Teams

7pace Timetracker is the only integrated, professional time management solution for teams using Azure DevOps and GitHub.

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