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The 9 Best Ways to Track Your Efforts with Timetracker

There are plenty of ways you can enter your time efforts with 7pace Timetracker.

Take two minutes to check out our movie below to learn more about this!

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Want to dig deeper?

Get more information from our documentation about what you have seen – The 9 Best Ways to Track Your Time Efforts:

  1. The Start Tracking Button (see “The Work Item Details Window” section):
  2. Tracking from the Windows Client:
  3. Add Time from the Work Item Form (see The Work Item Detail Window section):
  4. The Monthly View–Monthly-Page-Overview
  5. Add New Time in Timesheet–Timesheet-Page-Overview
  6. Timesheet Cells and 3. The List Editor–Timesheet-Page-Adding-New-Time-for-the-Week
  7. Times Explorer–Times-Explorer-Adding-Editing-or-Deleting-a-Time-Record
  8. Use Excel–Times-Explorer-Importing-Time-Records ______________________________________________________________

7pace Timetracker is the only integrated, professional time management solution for teams using Azure DevOps and GitHub.

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