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A Developer's Guide: 7pace Timetracker for Azure DevOps - How to Track and Log Time in Azure DevOps

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In this video we talk about how to use 7pace Timetracker for Azure DevOps, how to log/track time, submit a timesheet and import/export time. A true developer's guide for 7pace Timetracker.
Click on the image below for the full video and happy watching!

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Add or track time from a Work Item: 0:28
Adding time on a monthly or weekly basis: 1:10
Creating a Timesheet: 1:49
Seeing all data on the Times Explorer Page: 2:37

Stay tuned for future videos on the Pace calculation, 7pace API, and more.

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7pace Timetracker is the only integrated, professional time management solution for teams using Azure DevOps and GitHub.

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