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Why frameworks should not be progressive?

What makes a framework?

A framework is an abstraction of its main purpose.
It is determined before it is created.
It is frequently reused for all projects based on it.
Its core value can be very easily verified.
Its main ideas are permanent and will never change.

Why there should be no progressive framework?

A progressive framework is telling you that it is under consideration and maybe false abstracted.

It would do harm to all projects that base on it.
And it is anti the reason why a framework should exist.

If a framework changes every time, it should never be called a framework. It is just a program.

What can be progressive?

Even a framework should never be progressive, the development process will always be progressive.

When the framework goals reached, a framework comes to its life cycle stage called maintenance.
And the progressive process ended.


If you decide to write a new framework, you should verify if the framework is definite and finalized, and it will be frequently reused. If not, you just start a new program not a framework.

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