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Hyaline - Hardest Way to Create Discord Bot

Hyaline Discord API Wrapper.

WARNING: Hyaline is not easy to use library.

Hyaline is a discord api wrapper for python. hyaline is created for discord developers and hyaline makes everything harder. Its in alpha-release and still not finished.

Check ./docs folder for documentation and more informations about hyaline. Documentation is not finished. You can use python dir() function for get all functions, attrs in the object. Also use help() for get help about a function / class.


Just type pip install hyaline and you are ready to go!

Current Version - 0.1.0

Change Log:

  • Added PyPi Support!

Example Ping-Pong Discord Bot

# Import the library and intent helper.
import hyaline
from hyaline.helpers.Intents import ALL

# Setup session configurations.
# NOTE: If you want to limit message cache add MAX_MESSAGES
session = hyaline.Session({
    "TOKEN": "token",

async def on_ready(_packet):
    print(f"Bot Started with name: {session.client.username}.")

async def on_message(msg):
    if not == and msg.content.lower() == "ping":
        await msg.reply({
            "content": ":ping_pong: Pong!"

# Configure the events.
# Also you can configure multiple event.
session.event("MESSAGE_CREATE", on_message)
session.event("READY", on_ready)

# Start the session.
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hi bro please need you help i just saw your udemybot project but unfortunately i can make it its error respond.. i watched alot videos still at 0 point help if possible thanks