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πŸŽ‰ πŸš€ 🍺 The new release v0.4.1 of stegano-rs is out

5422m4n profile image Sven Assmann ・1 min read

The new major release contains the following:

✨ Features

WAV Audio media file support - by sassman, pull/6

stegano has now support for input and output wav audio files (.wav). This means that hiding secret messages and files are now **not* only possible for png image media files but also wav audio files in the same way. For example like this:

❯ stegano hide \
  -i resources/plain/carrier-audio.wav \
  -d resources/secrets/Blah.txt \          
     resources/secrets/Blah-2.txt \
  -o secret.wav

Arch Linux packages - by orhun, pull/10

stegano can now be installed from available AUR packages using an AUR helper. For example like this:

❯ yay -S stegano

πŸ› οΈ Maintenance

Update stegano-core to latest dependencies - by sassman, pull/2

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