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Rust Munich Meetup #3

5422m4n profile image Sven Assmann ・1 min read

Yesterday was the third online meetup of the rust munich group, just in case you missed it, no worries it's available on youtube. I recommend giving it a watch.

Things you can learn / expect

  • tons of details about binary formats
  • how steganography (hiding data) in binaries works
  • history of the image crate
  • tons of design details in the image crate to coop with all the different formats and platform differences

There are also some side topics to learn about

  • importance of code formatting, especially in OSS and to get it right as early as possible
  • the super powers of fuzzing

Thanks to our host Bernhard and all the speakers for their amazing talks.

You can now also follow us on twitter to not miss the next one.

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