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Discussion on: Genetic algorithms for brute forcing

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Sven Assmann

Nice idea! If I got it right, you want to find similar passwords for a given one that you already know? To try out those, because a user might just have used it in a slightly different variation?

In your fitness function you check for quality if each letter. The more exact machtes, the higher the fitness. Is that right?

You could also toy around with a levenshtein distance or consider a lead speak distance. So that for example an i and an 1 are more close to each other. From what I have learned, sometimes certain letters are replaced by number counterparts. And considering that in the fitness function might yield interesting results.

Besides that, I would actually give it a try in Rust, just out of curiosity.

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Paula Author

This is wonderful thank you. Actually a friend of mine told me today to try out keyboard proximity as a fact as well? so many awesome ideas.

If you know Rust I'd love for a merge request!

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