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Discussion on: How Did You Start Coding?

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Devin W. Leaman

My first time programming was actually as part of a GIS class that focused on ArcGIS. The teacher I had was a huge fan of outside-the-box teaching methods and he would teach us GIS stuff using Visual Basic.

We only did things like placing an ImageView on a form with a Button that would change the image between two jpegs, but it was life-changing.

After that year (10th grade), I took all the classes with that teacher I could the following two years of high school and fell in love with programming. I then went on to a University in Arkansas and got my bachelor's.

That said, I honestly believe I learned most of my programming abilities by just building random tools to make my life easier or entertain myself. Instead of learning from a book, I found it a million times easier to put pieces together until my shotty fort turned into some more respectable code.