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openGauss routine maintenance: check time consistency

Check time consistency
The consistency of database transactions is guaranteed by the logical clock and has nothing to do with the operating system time. However, inconsistent system time will cause many potential problems, mainly due to abnormal background operation and maintenance and monitoring functions. Therefore, it is recommended to check the time consistency of each node during monthly inspections.

Log in to the active database node as the operating system user omm.

Create a configuration file that records each node of openGauss (_mpphosts file directory_users can specify at will, it is recommended to put it under /tmp).

vim /tmp/mpphosts
Add the host name of each node.

Save the configuration file.

Execute the following command to output the time on each node to the "/tmp/sys_ctl-os1.log" file.

for ihost in cat /tmp/mpphosts; do ssh -n -q $ihost "hostname;date"; done > /tmp/sys_ctl-os1.log
Confirm the time consistency of each node according to the output, and the time difference between nodes cannot exceed 30 seconds.

cat /tmp/sys_ctl-os1.log
Thu Feb 9 16:46:38 CST 2017
Thu Feb 9 16:46:49 CST 2017
Thu Feb 9 16:46:14 CST 2017

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