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Easy maintenance of openGauss - Summary level diagnostic report

Diagnostic category

  1. Database Stat:

It is mainly used to evaluate the load and IO status on the current database. Load and IO are the most important characteristics to measure the TP system. Contains the session currently connected to the database, the number of transactions committed and rolled back, the number of disk blocks read, the number of disk blocks that have been found in the cache, returned, fetched, inserted, updated, deleted through database queries The number of lines, the number of conflicts and deadlocks, the usage of temporary files, IO read and write time, etc.

  1. Load Profile:

Evaluate the performance of the current system load from the dimensions of time, IO, transaction, and SQL. Including job running elapse time, CPU time, transaction log volume, logical and physical read volume, read and write IO times, size, login and logout times, SQL, transaction execution volume, SQL P85, P90 response time, etc.

  1. Instance Efficiency Percentages:

Used to evaluate the efficiency of the current system's cache. Mainly includes the database cache hit rate.

  1. Events:

It is used to evaluate the performance of the current system kernel key resources and key events. It mainly includes the number of occurrences of key events in the database kernel and the waiting time of time.

  1. Wait Classes:

Used to evaluate the performance of the current system key event types. It mainly includes the release of the data core on the main types of wait events: STATUS, LWLOCK_EVENT, LOCK_EVENT, IO_EVENT.

  1. CPU:

It mainly includes the time release of the CPU in user mode, kernel mode, Wait IO, and idle state.

  1. IO Profile:

It mainly includes database Database IO times, Database IO data volume, Redo IO times, and Redo IO volume.

  1. Memory Statistics:

Contains the maximum process memory, the memory used by the process, the maximum shared memory, the size of the shared memory used, etc.

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