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A personal website boilerplate for lazy developers

Emincan Demirkaya
developer / domainHunter / beerLover / husband / father
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I created an app for lazy developers who wants a personal website. I worked with React + TypeScript and it works with full of APIs. Thanks to APIs we don't have to write similar things everywhere.

It gets your name, title, and city that you live in from your GitHub profile. There is a section for your articles on There's an about page that contains your StackOverflow reputation etc. And a very simple contact page with the formspree API.

All you need to do is write your usernames to the related fields.

For instance, you need to write your GitHub username like this:

<Github username="github" />

You can find an example here.

You can find the code here.

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mstanciu552 profile image
Mihai Stanciu

Your idea is amazing.