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I'm always nervous about words like "false" no matter what the language situation is.

I'll find myself writing things like if string == "Definitely 100% true" so the only true value is that and everything else is false, just on paranoia that I don't understand the truthiness well enough.


Depends on the context. If the setting is requirePasscodeBeforeLaunchingNukes, you might want to use !== "false" instead 😅


Haha... Nice one 😂


Specially javascript. Difficult to understand truthy and falsy values 😅


If you know value is either "true" or "false", you can also use JSON.parse(value).

JSON.parse('true') // true
JSON.parse('false') // false
JSON.parse('tru') // SyntaxError: Unexpected token t in JSON at position 0
JSON.parse('"string"') // "string"

Awesome. Dint know that. I actually faced the issue in query string. Dint realise that it was taking as string 😂🙈


IIRC, early versions of Angular treated "yes" as true, and "no" as false within its directives.


Yes, somewhere within the 1.x version.