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i want to learn the very basic fundamentals before i make, then after i have fundamentals, i learn while making. for example:

suppose i want to write a function in js that adds two numbers. to someone new to js but not new to scripting or programming, it should be easy to pick up on. this is important. languages usually share these things:

keyword name parentheses variable parentheses
curly brace
do a thing semicolon
curly brace

name parentheses parameter parentheses semicolon

and if not directly or explicitly these, then they have a similar graph like chronological order to them.

i pick up new languages, libraries, and frameworks really quickly because i brush up on the fundamentals before i go in. then i let my lack of focus do its job and i just wander about, learning small skills very quickly all at once while looking for a bigger goal because ive got the fundamentals acquired to learn on top of

you cant learn how to sqrt(9) until you know what sqrt() means, what 9 means, and what math is. but if you know these things, you can figure out sqrt(9 * sqrt(9). in this case it equals ~5.2 since you can figure out what 9 * sqrt(9) means.


Divide and conquer.

I love this approach!


it works for pretty much everything. including those days for when your critical, programmatic thinking is in the toilet

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