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How mise en place can help software developers stay organized

Mise en place

There are a variety of ways that software engineers stay organized, but one way I'm going to discuss today is based off of a cooking term mise en place - roughly translated, it means "everything in its place." When it comes to software engineering, having a routine or a set work area helps to free your mind from everything else except the task at hand - programming or problem solving. In short, I like to think of as a ritual.

The way I employ this technique encompasses several pieces.

Developer's Journal

The first part is what I call a developer's journal or a code journal. This can contain any number of things relating to your daily work as a developer, including:

  • Code snippets
  • Notes on problems you've run across and how you approached the problem
  • Stream of consciousness as you're thinking through a problem
  • Work journal of items you want to accomplish during a given session
  • Handy links you come across
  • Ideas you'd like to explore

I tend to like to organize my thoughts by day, so I keep an entry setup for each day. I also include a section on that day that tracks how many Pomodoros of uninterrupted work I've been able to accomplish.


Speaking of Pomodoros [], if you haven't worked with these yet, I highly recommend it. The concept is fairly simple:

  • Set a timer (generally for 25 minutes)
  • Block out other distractions (Social Media, Email, phone, etc.)
  • Focus on one task or a small set of tasks
  • Break for 5 minutes at the end
  • Repeat as necessary


What are some common tools you may use as a developer to stay organized and focused?

Bottom-line is this, if you have trouble focusing on things, there are plenty of tools to help you engineer the right space for you to focus. This is all part of mise en place; you are creating your virtual workspace, the environment and ritual that helps you get into the zone as quickly as possible. Keep trying different things and combinations of things until you find something that works for you.

My ritual

This is my "mise en place" that helps me to get into the zone as quickly as possible:

  1. Open my Developer’s Journal
  2. Scroll to Today and set it up if I haven’t already
  3. Start my background music (typically either or a soundtrack I've picked up on)
  4. Start my Pomodoro Timer for 25 minutes
  5. Organize my thoughts for this work session
  6. Review previous notes as needed
  7. Figure out what my very first step needs to be to execute on my ticket or todo
  8. Open my environment/tools terminal, IDE, etc that I will need to perform work (if they aren’t already)
  9. When my timer goes off, mark my first Pomodoro as complete, take a 5 minute break
  10. Repeat until I'm finished with that task

Yours may be different, but hopefully this is a good starting point for you. Do you have something like this already? What's your ritual for getting into the zone?

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