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PR Labeler: Simplify Repo Maintenance with Automated Labels and More

What I built

Hey there! I've built a super handy GitHub Action that's all about making the lives of repo maintainers a breeze.

✨ Features

  • Add labels for the current and required number of reviews
  • Pop in a "Work in Progress" label for draft PRs
  • Keep an eye on a target branch (like staging) to make sure all the current PR commits are there

Category Submission:

Maintainer Must-Haves

App Link

You can find the action right here: GitHub Repository


So, here's the deal: my GitHub Action is all about helping repo maintainers tackle their daily tasks with ease. It offers some nifty features, like automatically adding labels based on review counts, throwing in that "Work in Progress" label for those draft PRs, and even letting you track if all the PR commits exist on a specific target branch. It's all about making your life simpler!

Link to Source Code

Feel free to check out the source code over at: GitHub Repository

Permissive License



Alright, so let me share a little story with you. I've had my fair share of struggles when it comes to finding PRs that desperately need some reviews. On top of that, I often found myself wondering if all the changes in my current PR actually made it to the staging/test branch. It was a real headache! That's why I built this actionβ€”to help me out (and hopefully you too!) by solving these pesky problems once and for all.

How I built it

I hopped on the GitHub Actions train and made great use of the Actions Toolkit provided by GitHub. Along the way, I learned some cool stuff about the updated API and YAML syntax. Now, if I could offer some feedback, I'd love to see better ways to debug and test GitHub Actions. And boy, a faster feedback loop would be a game-changer, trust me! Making those improvements would make the whole development experience a whole lot smoother.

That's it! Hope you find my GitHub Action as useful as I do. Happy maintaining!

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