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Abhishek Keshri
Abhishek Keshri

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I wrote my first neovim plugin! co-author.nvim πŸ’»πŸͺ„

What is this

How many times have you been working on a piece of code with someone and then when committing you ask their full name and email address for adding a Co-author to the commit?

Upgrade to 21st century, use this plugin to automatically fetch author details from your commit history and then add to your commit message, all from inside neovim.

It shows you a list of all the unique authors in your current repo.

co-author.nvim automatically works with telescope and presents the list in a nice fuzzy searchable UI.


Noticed something similar on a co-workers using IntelliJ, and I wanted it!


Before you begin, ensure you have met the following requirements:

  • You have installed the latest version of neovim

Installing co-author.nvim

To get co-author.nvim, add the following to your plugin list:

-- Packer
use '2kabhishek/co-author.nvim'

-- Lazy

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Using co-author.nvim

co-author.nvim adds a new command :GitCoAuthors.

You can add your custom bindings for the command :GitCoAuthors, the recommended keybinding is <leader>gA.

check :help co-author for more details.

NOTE: By default there are no configured keybindings.

How it was built

co-author.nvim was built using nvim, lua

Challenges faced

Figuring out vim's rtp was tricky initially.

What I learned

  • Learned about nvim plugin ecosystem
  • Explored vim APIs

What's next

You tell me!

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More Info

co-author.nvim repo
my neovim IDE configs repo

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