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I made a video series about Dotfiles! 🐧✨

I love working on the command line and have been actively maintaining my Dotfiles for almost 6 years now, I wanted to share my passion with everyone.

So, I made a video series about setting up a command line based dev environment on a cloud Linux system, which can be easily replicated anywhere.

In the series I go over setting up various command line tools like zsh, tmux and neovim for a powerful and flexible dev experience.

Ulimate Dotfiles Setup for CLI Lovers | Linux | Ubuntu 22.04 | 2KAbhishek - YouTube

A quick recording where I setup my Dotfiles on a Ubuntu system.You can follow along and set it up for yourselves too, ...


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Passionately crafted for CLI lovers 🐧❀️


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Passionately crafted configs for CLI lovers 🐧❀️

Dotfiles Demo
Terminal screenshot

What is this

My personal configs, carefully and passionately crafted for setting up an optimal CLI dev experience.


Hours and nights spent on the terminal, willingness to improve.


git clone
cd Dotfiles

# Menu based interactive setup

# Setup everythin unattended
./ -a
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I made a small recording for setting this up on an Ubuntu system

For installation git curl & zsh are must, other tools are mentioned below.


This list is incomplete, package names may vary depending upon your system and your requirements.

# Required
git, zsh, neovim, tmux, git-delta, bat, fd, fzf, fasd, ag(silver_surfer), curl, powerline, lsd
# Optional
ranger, cmus, xdotool, libinput, htop, python, vim, broot, xclip,
bash, i3, i3status, dmenu, ncdu, grc, exa, conky, kitty, konsole, autorandr, xplr
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Powerline patched fonts are required for glyphs. I'll recommend Nerd Fonts…

Please let me know if you have any feedback or questions, will be happy to help.

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