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Composite Record Producer, a upgrade to Record Producer

We all love our ServiceNow Record Producer (RP). They are a great tool to collect information on a portal to kick off a process.
Record Producer are creating one record in a table of your choice. Personally, I prefer Record Producer compared to Catalog Items.

Maybe you also have the requirement to not only create one record in a table, instead create two or more records in different tables.
With Composite Record Producer (CRP) you can do that! The only thing is, the second record table needs to have a connection to your main table as a reference. That means you can create a new material request and also directly create the associated account if needed.

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If you create a new CRP you will see the normal RP form where you can choose the table in which the record will be saved in. You can create variables, the same way you would with Record Producers. The biggest difference is that you have a related list entry to "Create a producer set".

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In the producer set you will need to define the target table and the reference field that links the target table to your original CRP table.

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After that you can add variables to that producer set the same way you always did. The values of those variables will be then saved in the second record created from your producer set.

Pretty powerful no? Have fun exploring and happy building :)

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