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gRPC Client Toolkit with interceptors and React Hooks

🚀 gRPC Client Toolkit

gRPC Client Toolkit is the port of gRPC-Web library.


  • Typescript first-class support.
  • Set default gRPC configs.
  • Supports connect the gRPC Service Promise and Callbacks.
  • Get all the methods in gRPC Service.
  • Interceptors.
  • Easy to install, update and support thanks to npm packages.


This library is organized into small packages with few dependencies.

Package Description npm
GRPC Client Toolkit This library is intended for both JavaScript and TypeScript usage from a web browser. @nixjs23n6/core
GRPC Client React A react context which helps you to deal with gRPC web. @nixjs23n6/react


  1. Repository:
  2. gRPC:
  3. gRPC-Web:

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