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Discussion on: Better uploads with Vue Formulate, S3, and Lambda

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Rob Roos

Hello Justin, I just joined because I received your post in my Google Newsfeed. Funny , isn't it?

My compliments for your clear writing, it makes things a lot easier, and in my opinion this is an example how it should be written.
I am aws engineer and I was able to follow until Step 9, the uploader function. From your point of vue ( :-) ) this is the main part, and from my point of view, this is the part where I am short on know-how. I wanted to get your code up and running but I got stuck. Can you guide me to a place from where it is just a few steps to test your code? I am trying to prevent to dive from rabbit-hole to rabbit-hole, because there is so much more stuff to learn and experiment with.