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What is JWT ?

Json Web Token (JWT)

learning objectives :

  • Know What is JWT
  • Know how does it work

Hola , i'm Hamza (know more about me in Bio)
today's article is going to be about JWt , i'll explain it in my own way hopefully you get it perfectly 👌

so first JWt is as i mentioned before it is a json web tokens, so let me make things more easy let me show you an example :


this surly isn't a link or just meaningless characters , it is actually a user claims or in other hand "user's data"

Token is divided into 3 parts first part or in more professional terms The header , the header is referred to the algorithm that are used in and the Token Type, for example:

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"alg": "HS256",
"typ": "JWT"

the second part which is the PAYLOAD this is referred to Data 📊:

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"sub": "1234567890",
"name": "John Doe",
"iat": 1516239022

last part , which is the VERIFY SIGNATURE :

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When client receives a JWT, it validates the signature to ensure its authenticity

Let's make things simple

  • JWts are used for securely transmitting data between two parties (usually client and server)
  • they consist of 3 segments : header, Payload and signature
  • each segment is base64 URL encoded and seperated by dots

Use Cases ?
=>JWTs are commonly used for managing user sessions on websites.
=>They provide authorization (access control) rather than authentication (proving identity).

Remember that verifying the signature ensures the integrity of the data within the JWT, making it a critical step in secure communication. 🌟

For now i gotta say goodbye, it was hamza hope you enjoyed reading my article this was part(1) wait for part (2) , see you soon guys 👋

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